COVID-19 Notice:

All requests to estimate a project concept will require your Vice President’s approval.

Funding for any project will require Cabinet-level approval.

This ensures leadership has visibility over the campus environment and financials during this challenging time.

UNT Facilities Planning Design and Construction offers estimating services to assist you in the development stages of a project.

The resources below can be used to better understand our processes and enable your team to get the most out of the services that we offer.

What is an opinion of cost estimate?

What is an Opinion of Cost Estimate?

Click to learn more about how our free service can assist your team in the planning process.

Estimate Request vs Project Initiation

Estimate Request vs Project Initiation

Do you need an estimate or are you ready to initiate a project? Use our simple flow chart to help you decide.

What to expect when you submit a project estimate request

What to Expect When You Submit a Project Estimate

DIY Project Estimate

DIY Project Estimate

Use our DIY pricing guide to obtain quick reference numbers to better understand magnitudes of cost for your project. 

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Construction Averages

THECB Typical Building Type Price Per Square Foot

Use average higher education construction prices from around the state of Texas to help predict future construction costs.

How to Track Your Estimate

How to Track Your Estimate

The following steps can be used to keep you informed of the status of your estimate.