DIY Project Estimate

DIY Project Estimate
Type of work Price (Includes labor, equipment and material) Quantity SubTotal
Paint (Length of Wall X Height of Wall)  $3/Square Foot  
Drywall Partition (Length of Wall X Height of Wall) $8/Square Foot  
Flooring Assembly Carpet or Luxury Vinyl Tile $8/Square Foot  
Flooring Demolition (No Abatement) $2/Square Foot  
Lay in Acoustic Ceiling Assembly $8/Square Foot  
Hollow Metal Office Door and Frame Including Hardware $2700/Each  
Electrical Outlet $340/Each  
Telephone and Data Jack 1 voice/ 2 data $1000/Each  
2X4 LED Light Fixture $340/Each  
Fire Sprinkler - Add To Existing System  $1400/Each (Typical spacing is one sprinkler every 15 feet)  

This list of commonly used renovation items can be used to obtain quick order of magnitude pricing. To use these tools effectively you will need to have an accurate square footage of your space which can be obtained by contacting the Office of Space Management and Planning at X8400.

To obtain square footages of vertical walls simply multiply the linear foot of the wall X the height of the wall in feet. 


*All pricing is based on industry standards and averages and does not represent a specific product, material, or installer.

**Pricing includes project construction costs including costs related to general contractors, procurement, and project management fees.