Requesting Service


Click the white “Request Service” button located throughout this website.


Send your request to Work.Control@unt.edu


Call Work Control at 940-565-2700.


Once Work Control assigns the request to the appropriate Facilities team, an email confirmation is sent to the requestor that provides a Work Order number. The Work Order number allows customers to monitor the status of their Work Order.


Service Categories

Services provided are classified into two categories:

Institutional Services are services for which Facilities receives a budget allocation and are rendered without charge. Examples include:

  • Building Maintenance and Operations
  • Housekeeping for classrooms, offices, common areas, etc.
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Energy Management
  • Infrastructure Support

Departmental Services are services for which Facilities does not receive a budget allocation and must be funded by the requesting department. Examples include:

  • Event Support
  • Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance
  • Moving
  • Equipment installation
  • Engineering, Construction, and Project Management services
  • Special Requests (building bookshelves, hanging whiteboards, etc.)
  • Auxiliary requests (Campus Services, Athletics, Housing, etc.)
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