Buying Furniture at UNT

Is your department buying furniture? Here is what you need to know:

  1. Facilities must manage furniture orders over $10,000, or if the furniture requires dedicated electricity or data connections.
  2. Facilities does not install or repair furniture.
  3. All furniture orders must use the Preapproved Vendor List (below). This ensures compliance with all UNT standards.
  4. All furniture must include a warranty. All orders must include line item costs for delivery and installation.
  5. If the department manages the order, they are responsible for coordinating all aspects of delivery, installation, and warranty issues.

See our brochure at the bottom of the page for more information.

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Pre-approved Furniture Vendors

In an effort to ensure only the highest quality products and services are offered to departments, professionals from the University of North Texas Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction department have established a list of preapproved furniture vendors who meet high standards for quality and service.

Departments of the University of North Texas are required to use vendors from this list.

Company Name


Point of Contact

Email Address

Wilson Project Mgmt**


Lynn Meeker

Intelligent Interiors**


Scott Bahr

BKM Total Office of Texas**


Cynthia Casanova

Royer Commercial Interiors**


Mar’e VanTilburg

PDME/Office Depot**


Stephanie Subia

WRG  Texas**


Jamie Barrett

Corporate Source Ltd.


Joy Zane

Business Interiors/

Miller Office Interiors


Tammy Miller

Interior Resources Group


Jennifer Duncan

Facility Interiors Inc (FMG)


Jackie Compton

G.L. Seaman & Company 0000047379 Sara B. Desjardins 

Krueger International Inc

0000002339 Norah Meier

Work Place Solutions  0000008811 Baylor Crockrell
Seating Concepts  0000022946 Katelin Happy
BKM 0000000663 Kwan Blount
Lone Star Furnishings  0000062771 Rebecca Simpson
Brill Co 0000045288

Joan Harris 

William Shaub

Southwest Contract  0000028691 Trey Stormer
Sauder  0000001872 Mike Woods
Foliot 0000010306 George Hulbert
KI 0000002339  kim.Allard



[1] Many companies have similar names. Please ensure you are using only the company with this UNT System Vendor ID.

** Denotes designation as a State of Texas Certified Historically Underutilized Business (HUB).

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