NEW WAY TO REQUEST SPACE/PROJECTS                            

Effective October 1, all requests for changes to space – be it requesting new space, modifying currently assigned spaces through construction, or requesting changes to assigned spaces and classifications – will be submitted via the new Project & Space Request Form.

This will facilitate a holistic approach to managing investments in our campus facilities that align with the institution’s goals and mission.


"Projects" are alterations, new construction, or renovations on campus that involve multiple trades and have a cost that exceeds $5,000. All modifications to the physical structure of campus buildings and grounds must be managed by Facilities, per UNT Policy 11.009.

Project Examples

  • Renovations to offices, classrooms, laboratories, or public areas inside a building.
  • New ground-up construction of buildings or stand-alone structures, such as greenhouses or exterior storage sheds.
  • Upgrades to building systems, such as heating/cooling systems.
  • Equipment installation that impacts building systems, such as electrical or data communication.

Before Initiating a Project


Initiating a Project

  1. Submit your request via the Space and/or Project Request Form located here:
  2. The Space Management and Facilities departments will obtain proper university approvals for your request and work with you on developing a scope of work and opinion of the cost.
    1. If the cost of your request exceeds $100,000, it will be considered a "large project" and held for cabinet-level review. Cabinet will review large projects at the end of each long semester for approval to proceed.
  3. You will be notified when a Project Manager (PM) is assigned to your project request. The PM will schedule a meeting to discuss your needs for the project.
  4. The PM will hone the scope of work into further detail and develop a project budget, which will be a Guaranteed Price. The PM will meet with you to review the scope of work and cost and obtain approval to proceed. If the work impacts a floor plan and space layout, you will be asked to review them for approval.
  5. The project's budget will be sent to you on a Project Budget Worksheet (PBW) for review and approval. Complete and sign the PBW, then forward it to the Budget Office for their review and signature.
  6. Return the complete PBW to Facilities, at which time the PM will begin procuring goods and services and scheduling construction activities to begin.
  7. The PM will keep you informed of the status of your project during construction.
  8. At the end of construction, the PM will coordinate any punch list items with you and provide warranty assistance.