Past Construction

Dining Hall Rendering
Dining Hall

The new University of North Texas Dining Hall is designed to offer a place for scholarly and social relationships between students and staff. The space features 7 individual serving options which can easily be adapted for diverse groups and activities.

The dining hall will be two-stories providing seating for 700. It will offer three meals a day, as well as late night options. There is a focus on fostering opportunity for social interaction and encouraging engagement amongst students and staff. Numerous seating layouts and types are offered to provide a variety of dining experiences. The design highlights flexibility and facilitates future growth through innovation and technology.

Construction is underway for this dining hall and its expected completion is March 2020. To stay up-to-date on how the construction of this dining hall may affect you, follow UNT Facilities on Twitter and Facebook, as well as check out the Construction Obstruction report.

March 2020
Interior of Wooten Hall under construction
Wooten Life Safety

UNT Facilities Planning, Design and Construction is leading a life safety project in Wooten Hall. A code upgrade to install sprinklers and isolate a monumental staircase is underway to create safe egress. A wall will be built in the staircase to enclose it, therefore preventing smoke from traveling from floor to floor in the case of a fire emergency. An interior refresh updated look will accompany this project by renovating existing ceilings in corridors.  This is a one-time project that will last the lifetime of the building.

December 2018
Eagle Point Lot 80
Eagle Point Lot 80

The University has increased demand for additional parking. This project will construct a new parking lot at Eagle Point adjacent to Victory Hall and proximate to Apogee Stadium. The proposed lot design will include parking spaces, new lighting, and tailgating facilities (as a Phase 1) and a restroom facility (as a Phase 2). The project will increase parking capacity by approximately 537 spaces including 9 RV spaces for tailgaters.

August 2018
Sycamore Hall Renovation Open House
Sycamore Hall 2nd Floor Renovation

Renovation for the Maybourn School of Journalism.

March 2018
Clark Hall Bakery Remodel
Clark Hall Bakery Remodel

An 1800 SF immediate need are to be designed, demolished & construction to install ovens, retarders & mixer for Student Union support.  The remaining area consideration for bakery expansion and includes additional freezer space.

March 2018