Automotive Maintenance

To schedule service, call 940-369-7344 or 940-369-7359.

Have the vehicle/equipment number and a detailed description of the service needed. 

The Automotive Maintenance team serves as the central administrator for the institution’s fleet of vehicles. There is a service station with two fuel pumps, three garage baysand a car wash bay. Administrative responsibilities include keeping compliant with statutory and federal regulations, logging fleet mileage, and vehicle maintenance and repair. 

Routine maintenance and service are provided on a first come, first served basis.  Emergency and safety issues will take first priority. If the service or repair needed presents a safety issue, do not operate the vehicle and call us immediately. 

Automotive Maintenance Service Examples: 

  • Routine maintenance, such as oil changes, tire rotations, and fluid level refills 

  • Major vehicle repairs 

  • Fuel station 

  • Car washing and detailing 

Vehicle Mileage Logs 

State law requires that a monthly mileage log is maintained for each traditional vehicle.  These are due by the 10th business day of each month.  Once mileage logs become 45 days past due, fueling privileges may be declined without notice.  Paper copies may be turned in to Automotive Services or electronic copies may be emailed to and

At our fueling site, we have regular gasoline, which can be accessed 24 hours a day with credentials to enter through the gate. The gate is open from 6:30 AM – 5:00 PM.

Helpful Links

Review open/closed work orders: (Automotive work orders are preceded with “AS”) 

Please contact for questions regarding fuel purchases on the Voyager State Fleet Card.

Mileage Log Sheet

Did you know... 

It is illegal to leave a vehicle unattended with the engine running in Texas.

If you leave keys in a vehicle and it is stolen, insurance providers may deny any claims.

It is illegal to text while driving in the State of Texas.

It is illegal to talk on your cell phone while driving on roadways within the city limits of Denton unless it is hands-free.