Building Representative Program

What is the Building Representative Program?  

The Building Representative program is an important element of the daily operations of UNT. It was created to facilitate the communication between Facilities, its partners, and building occupants. The building representative is a University employee who has a defined role in campus emergencies, disaster preparedness, and building maintenance. UNT currently has 184 buildings (including all small areas) and 125 building representatives. This shows how essential the Building Representative Program is to the Facilities network. The person in this role should have a broad understanding of the unique needs and activities of the department(s) in their building. They also distribute important information, support programs and activities that require coordination of building operations, and act as liaisons for a number of other key functions. 

“UNT is a large campus with many structures to maintain. As building representatives, we oversee the day-to-day operations of the buildings on campus and work with Facilities to alert them of any issues or emergencies that arise. We make sure that everything is running smoothly and safely for our faculty and staff. This program is essential to our UNT community.” - Jordan Batson, Building Representative, College of Music   


Upcoming Events  

  • 3/30/2023 Town Hall

  • 6/29/23 Town Hall

  • 9/28/23 Town Hall



Outstanding Building Representative Award 2022 winners!   

Linda Clisso, Chestnut Hall            Jordan Batson, College of Music