The Recycling Team collects aluminum, paper, plastic, glass, and cardboard materials throughout campus on a weekly basis. Our primary goal is to provide dependable recycling pickup services and to ensure appropriate materials are properly recycled.

We are able to pick up ink cartridges, Styrofoam, and confidential containers at no charge upon work order request. We also provide bulk pickup of large items such as wooden pallets, etc.

If you are unsure if something can/should be recycled, go ahead and schedule a pick-up and let us decide. Please ensure no food is left in recyclable materials as it causes contamination, and make sure to pour unfinished liquids out of bottles/cans if you plan on recycling them.

If you know you will have extra recycling materials, if you are cleaning out an office for instance, please call in advance to arrange for additional recycling containers and pick-ups.

For additional assistance, or to place a work order request, please contact Facilities Work Control at or 940-565-2700