About us 

Waste management is an essential part of what makes UNT mean green. Our mean green mission is to recycle as much of our waste as is possible and reduce the amount of contamination on our campus.  

UNT’s Recycling Center is located in the Facilities complex at 2204 West Prairie Street. This is where all recyclable items/bins are taken and sorted through for city pickup.

The recycling team is there to handle your recycling needs! We are able to pick up ink cartridges, Styrofoam, confidential containers, and large items at no charge upon work order request. If you are unsure if something can be recycled, go ahead and schedule a pick-up and let us decide.  

For additional assistance, or to place a work order request, please contact Facilities Work Control at or 940-565-2700


How do I prepare items for recycling? 

  • Clean 

All solid and liquid contents removed. This could be as simple as a quick rinse to your milk jug or taking a scrubber to your jam jar. Food contamination is one of the biggest issues recycling facilities face. 

  • Dry 

The most important thing to remember is to make sure ALL the items you’re recycling are 100% dry of any moisture. This includes water, soda, oil, sauce, milk, any type of liquid. After you rinse your items, shake the excess water out and leave them to dry before you recycle.  

  • Loose 

Bagging recyclables makes things difficult at the sorting facility, especially if the bags (like plastic) aren’t recyclable themselves. Keep recyclables loose unless instructed otherwise by your local recycling company. The only exception to this is shredded paper, which can be contained within a paper bag. 

  • Empty 

Make sure items that are recyclable are completely empty. This includes cereal from cereal/rice/macaroni/etc. from their perspective boxes. This also includes any remaining liquids within a container. Which should always be rinsed and left to dry before recycling.  


What can I recycle at UNT?     

  • Cardboard  

When recycling cardboard boxes, remove Styrofoam or non-recyclable materials and dispose of those in the appropriate places. If you are recycling a pizza box, make sure it is not soiled with any grease or food stains.  

  • Plastic  

Only plastics with the recycling symbol and numbers 1-7 should be recycled. 

For more information go to:

Look for recyclable symbols where you can! Most plastic that does not have a recycle symbol on it, is not recyclable. 

  • Aluminum and steel cans 

Be sure to clean your container of any liquids before recycling. 

  • Glass bottles  

  • Paper 

  • Batteries 


What can’t I recycle at UNT?      

  • Styrofoam  

  • Paper towels 

  • Plastic bags  

  • Electronics  

  • Items containing chemicals such as bleach, laundry soaps, and lab materials 

  • Unclean items or items containing food  

  • Tetra Pak cartons 


Where do I take my harder to recycle items? 

Risk management can help you dispose of these items: 

  • Batteries  

  • Lamps (ex: fluorescent lightbulbs) 

  • Paint and Paint-related Waste 

  • Pesticides 

If you have hazardous waste, you can submit a pickup request through Risk Management Services or call 940-565-2109


These items can be donated in various bins around campus labeled for Donations: 

  • Clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry 

  • Books, toys, linens, towels 

Clothes cannot be loosely placed in the bin. They must be in a closed bag in order to be donated.