UNT Recognized as Tree Campus USA 2018

The Arbor Day Foundation has recognized the University of North Texas as 2018 Tree Campus USA School for its dedication to campus forestry and tree maintenance. UNT has received this recognition for over 10 years since its founding.

"Tree Campuses and their students set examples for not only their student bodies but the surrounding communities showcasing how trees create a healthier environment,” said Dan Lambe, president of the Arbor Day Foundation. “Because of University of North Texas’ participation air will be purer, water cleaner and your students and faculty will be surrounded by the shade and beauty the trees provide.” 

Tree Campus USA is a national program that recognizes two- and four-year institutions for promoting impressive forestry and arborist management at their campus. The program was launched in 2008 and UNT has been honored since its founding.

To observe Texas Arbor Day 2018, which is always the first Friday in November, the Grounds department planted new trees near the newly constructed track and field complex.

“The trees, flowers, and grounds are one of the first three things you look at when you come to campus,” said Grounds Manager Erik Trevino. “We want to make them look as cared-for as possible to keep our great reputation.”

To be considered for this recognition, a campus must meet Tree Campus USA 5 pillars: have a Tree Advisory Committee, a Campus Tree Care Plan, annual expenditures dedicated to tree planting and maintenance, observe Arbor Day and encourage the Service Learning Project. UNT Facilities has a small committee that consists of faculty, staff and community members. This group encourages Grounds members to become Certified Arborists through the Service Learning Project.

Kelly Frailey, a facilities technician, said that Grounds spends $3 per student in trees, although it is always more than that amount.

“Being recognized for over 10 years is an honor,” said Frailey. “We want to live up to the expectations so UNT can be an example to follow.”


Trees at UNT with Tree Campus USA logo


Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - 22:30