UNT Facilities Associate Vice President David Reynolds received the Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP) credential

APPA, the association dedicated to leadership in educational facilities has announced that UNT’s
Associate Vice President for Facilities, David Reynolds, received the Certified Educational
Facilities Professional credential.

The certification is designed for both aspiring and existing educational facilities professionals
with eight years of combined education and professional facilities management experience. It
represents the highest standards of performance and understanding in educational facilities

“I saw pursuit of this certification as valuable in many areas,” Reynolds said. “It provided
refresher training on many key concepts I have learned over the 35 years I have worked in
facilities and construction management. Sometimes a little reminder about tools you haven’t
used in years can come in handy with new challenges. I also hope this inspires other staff in my
area to enroll in APPA courses and also seek certification to enrich and validate their
professional competency.”

The certification focuses on professional development, while encompassing the full, multi-
disciplinary range of educational facilities management principles and practices – from planning,
design and construction to daily operations and general management.

“The process is rigorous and based upon knowledge of the APPA ‘Body of Knowledge,’ an
encyclopedia of Facilities expertise ranging from human resource management to finances, to
operations/maintenance and construction,” Reynolds said.

The course can be accomplished by taking a four, one week in-residence courses or through a
90-day self-paced/online course with webinars.

“I do not recommend the 90-day process for those without significant experience in Facilities
Management. The four-hour, proctored test will be brutal for anyone not well prepared,” he

Earning the CEFP demonstrates that a mastery of professional expertise and is a mark of superior
proficiency in the core competencies for education facilities professionals. For the UNT
Facilities department it is important that leadership pursue this certification.
“If we expect our managers, supervisors and staff to seek out professional development, whether
this certification or another, then I and other leaders also need to engage,” Reynolds said.


Tuesday, July 9, 2019 - 23:30