UNT Coliseum Undergoing a Major Roof Transformation

The Coliseum (aka "The Super Pit"), one of the largest buildings at UNT and most well-known for hosting graduations and basketball games, is about to undergo a transformation. 

In a change to the UNT “skyline,” the brown weathered metal panels surrounding the building will be changed out for silver ones. Weather events over the last several years, such as hailstorms and high winds, as well as age, have taken a toll on the roof. It is now time to make repairs to roofing materials and upgrade the metal panels. This work will extend the life of the roof for years to come. The new roof will complement the Murchison Performing Arts Center roofing, across the street from the Coliseum. 

The project began Feb. 25 and is expected to last nine months. UNT Facilities is working closely with Coliseum staff, Athletics and special event coordinators to ensure the least amount of disruption so that events such as UNT and high school graduations will take place as planned.

Disruption to pedestrian and vehicular traffic are anticipated to be minimal during this construction. No entrances to the building should be impacted, and only select sections of the outer concourse on the southwest end will be blocked off as a job site.

Facilities will continue to keep the campus and community updated throughout this project.


Existing UNT Coliseum roof
Existing roof panels surrounding the UNT Coliseum
Upgraded UNT Coliseum Roof Rendering
Upgraded Roof Panels surrounding UNT Coliseum
Map depicting the southwest area of the Coliseum as a job site.
Map of the UNT Coliseum Roof Project job site area


Tuesday, February 26, 2019 (All day)