Support and Services Building Renovation

In 2015, the University of North Texas acquired the former Sack and Save grocery store at the intersection of northbound I-35 Service Road and Avenue C as part of the UNT Master Plan for campus development. UNT strategically planned for the future use of this building to introduce a new style of office space to the university.

The vision for this building is to create an open office environment where space is communal and the layout of spaces facilitate both collaborative and individual work efforts. This type of environment is a shift from the traditional paradigm of hard-wall or cubicle offices towards a place that fosters employee engagement, teamwork, and professional development.

This unique design garnered national attention from Blueprint magazine and prompted an expose on the project that you can read here.

Support and Services Building space plan
UNT Support and Services Building space concept plan

Various administrative and technological departments occupy the building with groups ranging from Budget to Administrative Services to Human Resources to classroom technology support and development. The innovative layout enables staff to focus on private tasks but has an emphasis on fostering collective partnerships, sharing, learning, and teamwork. This new type of working space will improve cooperation among campus services and promote a strong culture of teamwork.

This project was made possible through the partnership between the UNT System Office of Facilities Planning and Construction (OFPC) and the UNT Facilities, Planning, Design and Construction (FPDC) department. Together, with the design and construction services of Corgan, Pogue, and Vaughn, the team implemented major upgrades to the building’s roof, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and structural system. The exterior shell and façade received new windows, doors, signage, and waterproofing paint. The interior improvements include new janitorial, mechanical, electrical, and data communication rooms, new accessible restrooms and mother’s room, as well as a spacious breakroom with millwork and appliances. Other enhancements include training, meeting and conference rooms, new open concept furniture, a new Audio, Video, and Photo Production Studio, and sound attenuation insulation across the 40,000 square foot facility.

Support and Services Building birdseye aerial view

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