Library Mall Fountain Equipment Project

Published: March 15, 2021


Starting summer 2021, equipment associated with the fountains at the Library Mall will be moved to an above-ground location on the south side of Willis Library.

This work is scheduled to last three months and be completed in fall 2021. Construction activity will impact some sidewalks and walkways on the south side of Willis Library.

Map of area impact by project


The equipment is currently located in underground vaults (see image below). It can be difficult to maintain this equipment when it floods and causes issues with the fountains.

Underground Vaults



To fix existing issues, new underground plumbing and electrical wiring will be installed to connect the new above-ground equipment to existing fountain utilities.

Plan of construction at Library Mall


Project Manager, Carl Parsons, explained that 

“...the fountains have been offline a lot in the last few years because of issues that this project intends to alleviate. Having the fountains operate more reliably will provide a more engaging environment in the iconic Library Mall area and instill greater school spirit and morale.”



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