Guidance for Hammering or Cutting Into Walls at UNT

If you are planning to run cables through a wall, hang a photo or otherwise disrupt walls – or if you have concerns about asbestos or mold – UNT has a comprehensive process to track your request and offer support.

Should you need to run cable through walls for telecom or data, install new electrical or plumbing elements, hang a picture or furniture, or anything else that may create a break in wall, please first make a request to Facilities Work Control. The Facilities team will connect with Risk Management Services to ensure inspections for asbestos or mold are handled as part of this request.

If you need to directly address a potential asbestos or mold issue, then please report that directly to Risk Management Services.

For these processes, Facilities will now be performing follow-up inspections upon project completion.  This will ensure proper installation procedures have been followed as well as UNT’s continued compliance with state safety guidelines.


Here’s who to contact:

Risk Management


Facilities Work Control


Friday, January 7, 2022 - 12:00