5G Coverage at UNT

UNT has found a new way to advance our campus. By bringing cellular technology to the campus waste receptacles, we can increase coverage while keeping campus clean, and begin an efficient new era. BigBellys are receptacles divided by recycling and landfill waste found throughout the University of North Texas campus. They encourage people to make a conscious choice about where their waste goes while using new innovative technology.

Powered by the sun, this equipment is able to measure how full the receptacles are and can mechanically compact what’s inside. These bins also transmit data about how full they are to a web-based system that tells UNT Facilities when they are nearly full so we can send someone out to empty the bin.

While they help to keep campus clean and encourage recycling, they also can serve to increase cellular coverage on campus. A TeleBelly unit is simply a BigBelly that contains equipment to deliver cellular service.

In partnering with AT&T, these units are being installed in various places across campus. They maximize and densify cellular coverage on campus, ultimately positioning us to take advantage of 5G networks from the various network providers. This will provide all UNT buildings with better coverage.

Placing the 5G antennae on the receptacles saves space and is more aesthetically pleasing than placing large poles throughout campus. This project in association with AT&T allows the UNT community to stay connected while using innovative technology in the process.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022 - 13:00