How to Track Your Estimate

How to Track Your Estimate

1. Navigate to the Facilities webpage

2. Click on the green "request service" button

3. Go to the left side of the screen and find the "search by number" text box

4. Enter your estimate number in the search by number box and click the green arrow. Don't forget to include the dash when entering your work order number

5. Look to the bottom of the page for the section titled "task comments"

6. In this section you will find indicators that will inform you of your estimate's current status


Your estimate indicators are:

1. Meeting Scheduled: A meeting was scheduled between the requestor and the estimating team. 

2. Site Visit Complete: An onsite visit and initial consultation has occurred.

3. Space Plan Created: A profesional has been created as a part of your estimate.

4. Engaged With a Subject Matter Expert: An expert is being engaged to assist with your estimate

5. Estimate in development: Your estimator is actively seeking pricing for your estimate.

6. Internal Review: Your estimate is being reviewed by our facilities experts to assure quality.

7. Revisions in process: Modifications are being made to your estimate after our internal review process.

8. Estimate delivered: The estimate has been delivered to the client.


Each of these status indicators represents a mile marker that has been crossed in the creation and distribution of your estimate. Because each step in the estimating process does not have a definitive time line these indicators can help to give you a better idea of where your estimate is in the process.