Department Info

Peter Palacios

GIS Manager

Randal Martin

GIS Technician

The Facilities Geographic Information System (GIS) team is responsible for managing a technical network of computing hardware and software (i.e. the system) that integrates, stores, analyzes and displays data about the location of objects in the world (i.e. the geography) and the characteristics or attributes of those objects (i.e. the information). The geographic component of the data allows for visual and geographic analysis via a map.

 Facilities GIS maintains data about various university assets – whether they are natural, man-made or administrative – that supports planning, design, construction and maintenance functions.

 More specifically, some of the activities of this team include:

  • Using high-accuracy GPS and survey equipment to map the campus,
  • Producing maps and reports in support of planning and construction projects, and
  • Design of a web-based interface to the GIS.

 All requests for data or questions about our system should be sent to, or call us at the number listed above.