University Services Building Outage

There will be a planned power outage at the University Services Building on Saturday, July 11, beginning at 7:00 AM and lasting until 1:00 PM.

The purpose of this outage is to disconnect wiring from the building transformer to the old building switchgear, and remove the old switchgear. Power outages at the USB also affect several other entities on the UNT campus, including:

  • Cell tower in Lot 20 serving 3 cell phone carriers: AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint
  • Lot 20 Parking lights
  • Recreation Field at corner of Bonnie Brae & I35
  • Pump House serving Irrigation system for Rec Field and Lot 20
  • Risk Management - Chemical Storage Facility to the west of the USB Building

Please make accommodations if you require power to be maintained for for any of these facilities or services during this 6 hour scheduled outage.