UNT Residence Hall Improvements Taking Shape this Summer

When many of UNT’s students and faculty depart the campus in May for a summer of work, internships, research or relaxation, a team of dedicated UNT Facilities staff dive in for a 100-day race to the finish line on building improvements. Summer 2017 marks another very busy season of work on UNT’s residence halls. 

 UNT Housing is no small operation with more than 6,200 students, including those in the Texas Academy of Mathematics & Science, living in 15 residence halls. The facilities and infrastructure of those residence halls see a lot of wear and tear each year and summer is the prime time to make repairs and improvements. According to Ed Carrigan, UNT Facilities Auxiliary Planning and Construction Manager, 2017 is possibly the busiest year ever for projects. 

“We have contractors working on renovations from Maple Hall to Clark, Bruce to Kerr, College Inn and everywhere in between,” said Carrigan.  

Monica Thomas, UNT Facility Manager for Auxiliary Maintenance said her team has a great deal of work, too.  

“Painting, repairs, and life safety spections make up much of the workload for our technicians and their summer student worker teammates,” said Thomas. “We are also working several major infrastructure upgrades to boilers and air conditioning systems at Kerr Hall, sewer lines at Maple Hall, and drainage at Traditions.” 

According to Chad Crocker, UNT Facilities Senior Director of Maintenance, proper care and maintenance of the behind the scenes infrastructure like boilers, chillers, fire alarm systems, and electrical gear helps ensure the university is meeting the housing needs of students..

“UNT understands the importance of making the necessary investments each year to maintain infrastructure and we are proud to be able to serve the university in this way,” said Crocker.

A few of the projects under way this summer include:

-  Bruce Hall courtyard landscaping

-  Kerr Hall B-Tower wardrobe improvements

-  Kerr Hall boiler replacements

-  Kerr Hall air conditioning replacements (first year of 2 years work)

-  College Inn room upgrades

-  College Inn door replacements

-  Exterior brick and masonry repairs to Maple and Bruce Halls

-  Mozart Hall floor improvements

-  Clark Hall bakery renovations

-  Traditions Hall corridor flooring improvements

-  West Hall roof replacement and Santa Fe roof repairs

-  Elevator inspections and maintenance

-  Fire alarm system inspections and maintenance

-  Door hardware and lock repairs and upgrades in multiple halls

-  Victory Hall parking lot lighting additions

-  Electrical system inspections and maintenance

“It takes a team to accomplish so much work in such a short period of time,” said Helen Bailey, Campus Architect and UNT Facilities Director of Planning Design and Construction.  “Everything from small maintenance projects to the aesthetic renovation of Maple Hall requires the partnership of Auxiliary Services staff, the Housing team, UNT System’s Purchasing group, and our Facilities team to ensure success from planning to implementation. It’s a hard short summer, but on move-in weekend in August, it all becomes worthwhile when students get to move into the residence halls.”

Associate Vice President of Auxiliary Services, Daniel Armitage, agrees that the satisfaction from students and parents will be rewarding for all of Facilities hard work this summer.

"Thank you to the Facilities team," Armitage said. "The work this summer will have a major impact on student satisfaction and success!"

The Facilities Department’s goal is to keep students, faculty and staff informed and up to date on ongoing construction so please watch for a series of articles this summer regarding construction. These articles will go into detail about how these topics affect you and how it is changing our Mean Green campus.  Additionally, please go to the monthly Facilities Construction Obstruction Report for graphics, maps and info on projects visible around the campus.


If you need to place a work order or maintenance assistance, please call Work Control at 940-565-2700 or visit https://facilities.unt.edu/.

Author - Alma de Leon, UNT Student