UNT Facilities Recognized for Excellence in Job Order Contracting

The University of North Texas was recently awarded the 2016 Harry H. Mellon Award of Excellence for exemplifying outstanding principles and practices in a $1.8 million Child Development Lab renovation project. 

UNT decided to renovate an existing building on campus to relocate and expand the size of the Child Development Lab. The demolition phase discovered the building was actually several small buildings combined by the previous owners to look like one cohesive building. Structure damage from a previous unknown fire was also discovered, and a 50 year old cast plumbing system needed to be replaced throughout the entire building.

Utilizing Job Order Contracting ensured the project adhered to the tight deadline, even with the expanding scope of work. Through value engineering and collaboration between local contractor LMC Corporation, costs were controlled and the Child Development Lab was successfully completed in time for the 2017 spring semester.  Close collaboration with the architects from Elements of Architecture was also key to success.

Job Order Contracting is a competitively bid procurement process used by building and infrastructure owners to save money by fast-tracking repair and alteration projects based on locally priced construction tasks and competitively awarded contracts. Since its invention in 1982, Job Order Contracting has developed into a popular solution for public agencies, such as municipalities, school districts, colleges and universities, transit systems and public housing authorities, to manage and expedite a large number of construction projects.

The Harry H. Mellon Award of Excellence in Job Order Contracting is named for the inventor of the procurement process, and is the highest honor in the industry. Award of Excellence finalists are announced each year, with one of them going on to win the Harry H. Mellon Award of Excellence in Job Order Contracting. A panel of industry experts chose the finalists and winner from among the projects submitted based on adherence to Job Order Contracting principles, innovation, complexity, special circumstances and overall time and cost savings.

This award to UNT reflects great credit on the Facilities team and their internal partners on the project including the customers at the College of Education, the procurement team at the Business Services Center and the financial professionals at the Budget and Financial Reporting offices. 

Since 2007, this award has recognized the facility owners, managers and contractors who perform the essential, yet often thankless, repair, alteration and maintenance work that is the core of the Job Order Contracting system, in an efficient and effective manner. The awards are sponsored by Gordian, the creator Job Order Contracting and a number of related construction-procurement systems. Gordian is the Job Order Contracting industry expert, and as such, advances the discipline through innovation, education and recognition. (Source: Gordian)


The Facilities Department’s goal is to keep students, faculty and staff informed and up to date on ongoing construction so please watch for a series of articles this fall regarding construction. These articles will go into detail about how these topics affect you and how it is changing our Mean Green campus.  Additionally, please go to the monthly Facilities Construction Obstruction Report for graphics, maps and info on projects visible around the campus.

If you need to place a work order or maintenance assistance, please call Work Control at 940-565-2700 or visit https://facilities.unt.edu/