UNT Facilities Partners with Transportation Services for Summer Projects

Although students, faculty, and staff spend most of their time inside the buildings which UNT Facilities maintains, areas outside, including parking lots, are just as important. Safety of these areas and efficient use of campus space are the focus of more than 10 projects being managed by the Facilities staff.

“Facilities helps our department continue to have a positive impact by maintaining the grounds and lighting in parking lots and making them safer places,” said Geary Robinson, Senior Director of Parking and Transportation.

Several parking additions and renovations have been completed or are in the works this summer. Among them is a new hourly-pay parking lot, new lights in some parking lots, and construction of parking areas for contractors to free up spaces on campus.

A new parking lot is currently under design and will be adjacent to the newly designated Freshman Students (FCS) lot near Victory Hall. It will provide more than 530 spaces and is expected to be completed in Spring 2018. These lots will be open for parking on football home game days and offer a public restroom and tailgating electrical hookups for RVs. 

Pay-per-hour parking lots wParking 2ere added to the campus last year and provide students an option of paying only for the amount of hours they wish to park. This summer, the new Lot 16 was added on West Prairie Street, near Traditions and Santa Fe Halls. Those who park in the lot will use the ParkMobile app to pay.

“It will be a pay-per-hour where visitors, students, and faculty can pay hourly for the time they are parking. This is done through an app on their phones,” said project manager, Randy Salsman. “This gives students another option for parking.”

Contractor parking will also help relieve the congestion of parking on campus. The expansion and renovation of Lot 35 along I-35 by “Tailgate Hill” will be assigned to provide off-site parking for contractors working at UNT. This will reduce the amount of student and staff parking being used by contractors. The lot will be approximately 100,000 square feet and will accommodate up to 185 vehicles.

Salsman is also managing the repair of water drainage trapped in Lot 41 on Welch Street by Fraternity Row. This drainage has become a problem as the ground has shifted. It is not uncommon for this to happen in pavements. The parking lot has been re-sloped and resurfaced.

Safety of UNT students is always a priority for UNT Facilities. During the renovation of the Child Development Lab, an early childhood program within the College of Education, it was decided that the amount of through traffic driving in front of the CDL wasn’t conducive to the safety of the children.

In a meeting in the parking lot of the CDL with Robinson and Dave Reynolds, Associate Vice President for Facilities, a plan was devised that would turn the thru-traffic away from the entrance of the CDL and slow down traffic. An existing landscape island has been extended to block and change the direction of the in and out traffic. Directional signage and speed bumps were also added.

“With the renovation of the parking lot complete, the staff, parents, and their children will benefit from a heightened awareness that there are children in this area and safety precautions are in place to reduce the amount of traffic and to slow that traffic down” said project manager, Bruce Anthony.

Another measure of safety implemented through the partnership of Transportation and Facilities is the added lighting in parking lots by Apogee Stadium. Kim Nguyen from Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction led a project to add LED parking lighting to Lots 80, 81, and 85 for the safety of students, staff, and faculty.

This summer, Facilities will complete these projects, plus many more, to improve the campus experience for UNT’s students, faculty and staff.

“When a visitor perceives his or her first impression of a place, they notice three things: the parking lot, grounds, and the facility they are in, in that order,” Robinson said. “We pay close attention to those three areas so UNT can make a good first impression.”

The Facilities Department’s goal is to keep students, faculty and staff informed and up to date on ongoing construction so please watch for a series of articles this summer regarding construction. These articles will go into detail about how these topics affect you and how it is changing our Mean Green campus.  Additionally, please go to the monthly Facilities Construction Obstruction Report for graphics, maps and info on projects visible around the campus.


If you need to place a work order or maintenance assistance, please call Work Control at 940-565-2700 or visit https://facilities.unt.edu/

Author – Alma de Leon, UNT Student