Construction Climate is Hot at UNT this Summer

In the midst of a hot summer at The University of North Texas, while most students are on break, the UNT Facilities Department is busy tackling summer projects. With over 120 construction and maintenance projects scheduled from May to August, it can be said there are, “100 days of craziness in North Texas,” according to David Reynolds, Associate Vice President for Facilities.

This summer’s projects support customers in Student Affairs, Parking and Transportation, Athletics, Research and Academic Affairs. The new College of Visual Arts and Design building, a new hourly-pay parking lot, many residence hall renovations, classroom upgrades, and a new flag pole near Apogee Stadium to show our Mean Green spirit, are some of the improvements that students can expect to see and experience this fall.

Not only is the Facilities Department’s schedule booked completely for the summer, but the team is having to excel under the stress of a hiring freeze. The freeze began in January and does not allow any Texas state-funded positions to be filled until September 1, 2017. This has created some limitations on the amount of maintenance and construction projects that could be accomplished this summer.

“Highest priority projects and those that were well ahead in planning are being accomplished,” according to Helen Bailey, UNT Campus Architect and Director of Facilities Planning, Design and Construction. “The record volume being completed this summer is a testament to the hard work of the UNT Facilities Department, UNT Budget Office, and UNT System BSS Purchasing, Financial Reporting and Facilities’ staff as well as the level of advance planning our managers and project managers completed coming into the summer.”

Summer Construction Crew

The Facilities Department’s goal is to keep students, faculty, and staff informed and up to date on ongoing construction projects. Please watch for a series of articles this summer regarding construction updates. These articles will go into detail about how these topics affect you and how they are changing our Mean Green campus community.  Additionally, please go to the monthly Facilities Construction Obstruction Report for graphics, maps and info on projects visible around the campus.


If you need to place a work order or require maintenance assistance, please call Work Control at 940-565-2700 or visit