Staff Directory

Last First Title Phone
James Adams's picture
Adams James Facilities Technician 9403697356
William Anthony's picture
Anthony William Construction Inspector
David Barkenhagen's picture
Barkenhagen David Custodial Services Manager 9403697311
Anthony Bell's picture
Bell Anthony Automotive Services Technician 9403697355
Rudy Benavides's picture
Benavides Rudy EMS Technician
Krystyna Bojanowski's picture
Bojanowski Krystyna CADD Manager 9405652960
Jamika Campbell's picture
Campbell Jamika Personnel Student Assistant
Jacqualine Carroll's picture
Carroll Jacqualine Personnel Specialist 9403697265
Mark Coomes's picture
Coomes Mark EMS Technician 9403697320
Victoria Corum's picture
Corum Victoria Administrative Assistant 9405657315
Sam Dane's picture
Dane Sam Stores Supervisor 9405653798
Ronald Davis's picture
Davis Ronald East Zone Supervisor 9403697397
Donald Douglas's picture
Douglas Donald West Zone Supervisor
William Estes's picture
Estes William Grounds Maintenance Supervisor 9403697371
David Fletcher's picture
Fletcher David Warehouse Clerk 9405653798
John Green's picture
Green John Sign Shop Technician 9403697321
Ralph Harpool's picture
Harpool Ralph Facilities Technician
Jorge Hernandez's picture
Hernandez Jorge Automotive Services Technician 9403697359
Danielle Hill's picture
Hill Danielle Support & Services Student Assistant
Sudell Hull's picture
Hull Sudell Purchasing Assistant 9403697328
Thomas Hutson's picture
Hutson Thomas Interim EMS Supervisor 9403697320
Darlene Kirby's picture
Kirby Darlene Purchasing Assistant 9405654038
Monty Lanford's picture
Lanford Monty Facilities Technician 9404533262
Kirk Lowe's picture
Lowe Kirk Moving Services Supervisor 9403697355
Lynda Martin's picture
Martin Lynda Project Manager 9405652360
Nona Mathis's picture
Mathis Nona Work Control Specialist 9403697343
Richard Milan's picture
Milan Richard Facilities Technician II
Henry O'Steen's picture
O'Steen Henry GIS Intern 8179468292
Lauren Ory-Flowers's picture
Ory-Flowers Lauren Design Assistant
Byrle Roberts's picture
Roberts Byrle Paint Shop Supervisor 9403697381
Tessa Ryles's picture
Ryles Tessa Manager of Design & Construction 9405653870
Ami Schackel's picture
Schackel Ami Personnel Specialist
Cheryl Smith's picture
Smith Cheryl Sr. Project Manager
Rickey Stinchcomb's picture
Stinchcomb Rickey Automotive Services Supervisor 9403697359
Craig Stone's picture
Stone Craig Cooling Supervisor 9403698582
Luke Taylor's picture
Taylor Luke Structural Services Manager 9403697381
Bruce Thomson's picture
Thomson Bruce Facilities Technician 9403004955
Douglas Turnage's picture
Turnage Douglas Recycling Services Supervisor 9403679678
Rebecca Vaughn's picture
Vaughn Rebecca Utilities Billing and Solid Waste 9403698283
James Vickrey's picture
Vickrey James Facilities Technician 9405653639
Richard Westbrook's picture
Westbrook Richard Automotive Services Technician