Motorpool Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I don't know who is going to be driving?

    Adding the driver information is optional, however before picking up the vehicle, we confirm that the driver is eligible to drive according to the Risk Management database.

    You can update the driver information up to 24 hours before the pick-up time.

  • How do I reserve multiple vehicles for the same period?

    You will need to make a seperate reservation for each vehicle.

    TIP: After creating your first reservation, press the Back button on your browser and press OK to resubmit the form. The form will display with the same details and all you have to do is change the vehicle selection.

  • What are the Driver Verification Results for?

    The driver verification results are for informational purposes only. The system checks with the Risk Management database to see if the drivers you entered are eligible to drive, and if they are ok to drive a large passenger van.

  • What if more than one person will be driving?

    You can enter as many drivers as you'd like. Just seperate each EUID with a comma in the space provided.

  • What if I need to pick up or drop off outside of normal business hours?

    You must pick up the vehicle during normal business hours in order to sign the necessary paperwork.

    Your vehicle is provided with a gate key to the Facilities complex. You can return the vehicle to Facilities after hours at any time.

  • Who can drive the vehicle?

    All drivers must be employed by UNT and have been approved by Risk Management to drive a University vehicle.

    You can submit a driver request form by following this link

  • Is there any special training required?

    We require the Van Safety Training Course be completed for drivers of 10 passenger vans.

    To register for the Van Safety Training Course please follow this link