Electrical Maintenance

Department Info

Rick McCormick

Zone Maintenance Manager

Donald Douglas

West Zone Supervisor

Ron Davis

East Zone Supervisor

Facilities instituted a focused strategy of systematic building maintenance by creating zone teams for the entire main campus. Zones exist along geographic boundaries with each zone responsible for a specified area of campus. Currently these individuals are distributed in two geographic zones - East and West. Crews are dispatched daily from the central Facilities compound and from each zone on campus in response to work orders.

The workload is primarily preventative maintenance and small-effort maintenance and repair. Minimal shop stock is maintained at each location. Technicians are usually assigned to fixed zones to encourage familiarization between employees and customers, and employees and buildings. They emphasize fast response, good customer support, and high levels of work accomplishment.

Zone Maintenance also monitors and maintains life safety systems such as fire alarms and sprinklers. The shop maintains specialized equipment such as clocks, automatic doors, and handicapped lifts.

Discovery Park

Because of the distance between the Discovery Park and the main UNT campus, a full time maintenance staff exclusively operates and maintains the facility. To date they have been checking out and making the installed systems operational for future occupants. As additional programs move into the facility they will focus day-to-day operations and maintenance as well as fulfilling customer needs.