Structural Services

Department Info

Ricky Carney

Facilities Structural Manager

John Green

Sign Shop Technician

The Structural Services department provides all structural maintenance, construction and remodeling projects, work order of most all types for the UNT campus and customers. Structural Service provides a very wide range of work and maintenance for the University which is basically divided into four departments. Structural Maintenance, Sign Shop, Door Systems and Construction Crew.

NOTE: See Structural Maintenance for the following and many more that are not listed.

  1. Maintenance projects
  2. Carpentry
  3. Painting
  4. Flooring
  5. Concrete
  6. Roofs and Leaks
  7. Graffiti Removal
  8. Basic customer work orders and maintenance work orders
  9. Sidewalks and hand railing repair
  10. Classroom seating replacement and repair.

NOTE: Please see Construction Crew department for all remodeling projects and space renovations

NOTE: Please see Sign Shop Department for all Signage issues.

  1. All campus signage, consulting and estimating of signage and anything concerns campus signage.

NOTE: Please see Door Systems Department for all Door Issues.

Keys and issuing of keys, Cores, padlocks, Lock repair and replacement, card access, readers, repair and replacement of all door hardware.