Confidential Document Services

Facilities provides document shredding and confidential container services at a minimal cost to departments and encourages departments to channel shredded material or confidential paper waste through Faciliites so that it can be recycled and tracked as part of Facilities' We Mean Green efforts.

Confidential Bins

Standard UNT confidential bins are available for purchase from UNT Facilities in three different sizes.  Bins can be purchased by submitting a work order request to Facilities that specifies the type and quantity of bins needed.  Once the request is received, the bin will be delivered to the department, and the department can keep the bin for as long as they wish.  If the bin is no longer needed, it can be returned to Facilities, and the department will be credited back the charges for the original purchase.

Departments may also choose to use their own containers or may request the use of a temporary container by submitting a work order request.  Temporary containers have limited availabity depending on demand, but are usually available to departments for 1 week at a time.

Large Medium Small

32 Gal Tote
Approx. 80 lbs. of paper
Part #054A2A09

23 Gal "Slim Jim"
Approx. 50 lbs. of paper
Part #054A2A08
7 Gal Deskside
Approx. 25 lbs. of paper
Part #054A2A07
Approx. $156 Approx. $126 Approx. $60

Shredding Services

Facilities will shred confidential documents at no cost to departments.  Departments needing documents shredded should submit a work order request for container to be emptied or picked up.  Facilities will collect the documents and transport securely to the Facilities Recycling Warehouse where they will be shredded and baled using an industrial shredder, then recycled.

For departments that choose to shred their own documents, simply leave the bag of shredded material in or near a regular paper recycling container and it will be collected either by Facilities Custodial Services or Recycling Services.