Moving Services

Department Info

Kirk Lowe

Moving Services Supervisor

The staff who work in this unit:

  • Assist in the move of personnel between offices
  • Set up tables and chairs for special events

To request moving services or rental items, please put in a work order request and include the date, time, account, location and projected need (description, items and quantity of each item), and if requesting rental items, a date to return to pick-up the rented items. Please allow one week prior to the move or need for rental items to avoid scheduling difficulties. Moving Services will contact you to schedule a walk-through of the move or placement of rental items once your work request has been submitted.

Tables, chairs, and trash recepticles are available for rent through Moving Services. Pricing is as follows:

ItemRental Price
Tables $3.00
Chairs $1.50
Trash Recepticles


***Call to check for availability before placing a request*** 940-369-7355