Management & Construction

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Helen Bailey

Director, Facilities Management & Construction

William Anthony


Krystyna Bojanowski

CADD Manager

Edwin Carrigan

Auxiliary Construction Manager

Apryl Dane

Project Specialist

Amanda Dayton

Project Manager / Internship Coordinator

Lynda Martin

Special Projects Designer

Randal Martin

GIS Technician

Kasey Price

Project Designer

Pedro Palacios

GIS Manager

Terri Pierce

Project Manager

Jessica Russell

Administrative Coordinator

Neely Shirey

Project Manager

Cheryl Smith

Project Manager

Alison Adgate

Student Design Assistant

Collin Biggs

Student Design Assistant

Ya Hsuan Chiang

Student Design Assistant

Kendall Kennedy

Student Design Assistant

Alyssa Nobles

Student Design Assistant

The primary mission of the division of Facilities Management & Construction is to oversee all physical improvements to Educational & General (E&G) facilities on the UNT Denton campus and to maintain all building records for the campus.

FMC is responsible for:

  • Implementing all renovation, remodeling or other types of construction projects, unless the dollar value of the project is of a size that requires UNT System management.
  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable State & Federal statutes, laws and codes related to State buildings, procurement and construction.
  • Maintaining current records for all campus facilities including utility & infrastructure maps, surveys, site plans, floor plans, construction documents, & other building records.

The division consists of four departments: Design & Construction, Estimating, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Computer Aided Design Drafting (CADD). We are here to serve the campus as a resource for estimating, architectural and interior design, color and finish selections, furniture procurement, campus mapping, space analysis, and long-range planning services. We also act in an advisory capacity for campus planning and development. Please click on an icon below to contact someone to assist you with the following:

CADD: Plans and building records (including plan room archive documents)

Design & Construction: Renovation and new construction projects, space analyses, and furniture procurement

Estimating: Order of magnitude pre-estimates and construction estimates

GIS: Campus Maps (including building footprints, utility maps, parking lots, sidewalks, etc.)




Some people might ask why Facilities has to do any remodel work, when it seems like it might be cheaper to get it done by an outside contractor. For more information regarding the University policies that address renovation projects, please click here. In addition to the University policies that address renovations, UNT is also required to adhere to the most current version of various building codes. Those include:

  • IBC (International Building Code)
  • IMC
  • IPC
  • NFPA 101 (Life Safety Code) 2006
  • Texas Accessibility Standards (State Mandated)
  • American Disabilities Act (Federally Mandated)
  • ICC Electrical Code
  • Texas State Energy Conservation Design Standards (State mandated)



All contractors performing work for the University are required to adhere to the University's guidelines and procedures. For the most current Guidelines and Contractor Policies, please visit our Downloads section below.


HEAF Projects Schedule Memo (PDF)81.52 KB
FMC Projects Over $50k Memo (PDF)24.78 KB
Project Estimate Charges (PDF)43.39 KB
What to expect during a renovation project (PDF)88.51 KB
General Construction Guidelines.pdf20.44 KB
Contractor Work and Safety Policies.pdf119.23 KB
Design Guidelines (PDF)6.94 MB
FMC Organization Chart (PDF)74.45 KB

Construction Report

The monthly Construction Obstruction Report shows you where and when to expect construction on campus.