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Departmentsort icon Manager E-mail
Administration David Reynolds
Automotive Services Rickey Stinchcomb
Auxiliary Planning Edwin Carrigan
CADD Krystyna Bojanowski
Campus Planning Helen Bailey
Construction Services Randy Salsman
Custodial Services David Barkenhagen
Energy Management Vincent Stippec
Facilities Maintenance Randy Fite
Fire Systems Rick McCormick
GIS Pedro Palacios
Grounds Services Lanse Fullinwider
Information Systems Ginger Boone
Moving Services Kirk Lowe
Personnel Connie Havis
Planning, Design & Construction Helen Bailey
Purchasing Cindy Oliver
Recycling Services Douglas Turnage
Safety & Training Rod Moran
Stores Sam Dane
Structural Door Systems Luke Taylor
Structural Maintenance Michael Byrom
Structural Paint Shop Byrle Roberts
Structural Services Luke Taylor
Structural Sign Shop John Green
Support & Services Hilary Liscano
Utilities Maintenance Vincent Stippec
Work Control Lydia Fleming
Zone Maintenance Rick McCormick

Construction Report

The monthly Construction Obstruction Report shows you where and when to expect construction on campus.