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Krystyna Bojanowski

CADD Manager

The CADD (Computer-Aided Drafting and Design) group is responsible for keeping accurate electronic floor plans and construction records for all buildings managed by UNT Denton Facilities. We are also responsible for designing and preparing construction documents for site improvement projects, scanning and plotting construction documents and providing AutoCAD drawing services to UNT Facilities.

Floor plans for existing buildings and other drawings can be requested by contacting our CADD Manager, Krystyna Bojanowski, at the email address listed above. Prints or CDs will be provided at a minimal charge to the requesting department unless associated with an on-going project.


Standards & Guidelines - Contractor Guidelines (PDF)84.49 KB
Standards & Guidelines - UNT Design Guidelines (RP Appendix) (PDF)26.26 KB

Construction Report

The monthly Construction Obstruction Report shows you where and when to expect construction on campus.