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Rod Moran

Facilities Services Manager

Rickey Stinchcomb

Automotive Services Supervisor

Marta Smith

Automotive Administrative Coordinator

Jorge Hernandez

Automotive Services Technician

Anthony Bell

Automotive Services Technician

Richard Westbrook

Automotive Services Technician

Joseph Kelsey

Automotive Services Technician

Robert Steele

Automotive Services Technician

We provide fueling and maintenance service for the university owned fleet and provide a vehicle rental service for departments on campus to attend university functions.

In the community every day, we demonstrate our commitment to society through local public awareness programs that promote vehicle safety and maintenance as well as energy resource conservation. We are deeply involved in the related education of children, teachers, college students, and faculty.

Our goal is friendly professional help and education.

Rental Rates

(Prices include fuel)

Type of VehicleVehicle #Rental Rate
Cargo Van 163 $40/day + $.25/mile
*7 Passenger Mini Van 192, 193 $45/day + $.25/mile
*Dodge 10 Passenger Van 68, 69, 194 $60/day + $.30/mile
*Chevy 10 Passenger Van 175, 177, 179, 189, 199 $60/day + $.30/mile

* Passenger counts include the driver

Vehicles by Vehicle Number
68 2006 Ford 10 Passenger Van
69 2006 Ford 10 Passenger Van
162 2001 Chevy 8 Passenger Van
163 2001 Dodge Cargo Van
172 2002 Chevy 8 Passenger Van
175 2002 Chevy 10 Passenger Van
177 2002 Chevy 10 Passenger Van
179 2002 Chevy 10 Passenger Van
189 2003 Chevy 10 Passenger Van
192 2007 Chevy Uplander
193 2009 Dodge Caravan
194 2010 Dodge Savanna
199 2007 Chevy 10 Passenger Van


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